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K2 Paper sheet offers quality Cannabinoid c- Liquid sprays on paper to the regular users constantly within the most.

Order Cannabinoid C Liquid Spray On Paper

Cannabinoid C liquid spray on paper is one of the best-selling products in NarcoShop also known as papers and sheets. The liquid is extracted from synthetic cannabinoids which are similar to the cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant. Later on, Incense is prepared under the supervision of qualified staff in testing laboratories. We have received incredible reviews about Cannabinoid spray on paper because of this simpler way of getting high and people demand it more than before.


A4 Paper Size: 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 (210 x 297 mm). Each A4 paper(Printing paper) infused in 30ml of  liquid spray.

The Cannabinoid C liquid spray infused papers are 100% odorless and colorless which makes them undetectable. Get Discounts on multiple items! 

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  • Long-lasting results
  • Pleasure smoking
  • High Af


Environment for usage:

You can use Cannabinoid C liquid papers in any kind of environment. Moreover, We recommend using it indoors to enjoy the best high of Cannabinoid C sheets. C liquid on paper is perfect to enjoy at parties with old friends, they will be surprised by the results of this liquid spray with not much effort to get high.


Effects of Cannabinoid C liquid spray:

Cannabinoid papers works as one of the fast-acting drugs and it will make you feel boosted within a few minutes. The best way to consume and save time because this is already a complete product to consume, after consuming a small amount of it you will feel high at the peak. Most people used C liquid on paper to enhance their working capabilities because of its pure extracted form and some of them use this product to overcome depression and anxiety. Cannabinoid C liquid papers will make you feel focused which will improve your working abilities compare to normal situations


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